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ENBW documentation is ambiguous/incorrect.

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In the ENBW documentation page, the enbw(window(N),Fs) function is described as returning the two-sided bandwidth (in Hz) of a window. As far as I can see, this is a correct statement and evaluates (for all w(i) in N samples)
ENBW * (Fs/N) = (N * sum(w(i)^2)/sum(w(i))^2) * (Fs/N)
But, the example code given in EquivalentRectangularNoiseBandwidthExample.m clearly contains the lines:
bw = enbw(hann(1000),Fs)
plots:plot(bw*[-1 -1 1 1],[-40 maxgain maxgain -40],'--')
Surely this is incorrect and the example should plot:
plots:plot(bw/2*[-1 -1 1 1],[-40 maxgain maxgain -40],'--')

Accepted Answer

Greg Dionne
Greg Dionne on 27 Feb 2017
Looks like this is fixed now.

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