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Grouping similar pixels in bins

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Can someone tell me how do I divide the pixels in an image into let's say 16 bins? For example we have a grayscale image [0-255], I want all the pixels between 0-15 to be let's say in group 1, 16-31 in group 2 and so on. Importantly, I want to have the location of the pixels in each group like I should know let's say what is the location of pixels in i-th group. I can write a for loop but I need to know if there's a function that does that.
Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 19 Jul 2016
binnedimage = imquantize(grayimage, 15:16:255) %16 bins of size 16.
You can then use find to get the location in each group:
binpixels = arrayfun(@(val) find(binnedimage == val), 1:16, 'UniformOutput', false) %using linear indices

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