Multiple Editors in MATLAB having more than one tab.

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Sangeeta  Das
Sangeeta Das on 2 Jun 2016
Commented: Csaba on 11 Nov 2019
Is it possible to open two editors in MATLAB having more than one tab or file in each editor. In my case, multiple tabs are getting opened in the first editor itself...... If I try to create another editor by undocking a .m file ... the .m file opens as a single file editor with just one tab. the problem is its not possible to add any other file to the single file editor that has been created. Has it something to do with the version or is there any other issue? M currently using MATLAB R2011a. I need to keep the .m files belonging to different projects in different editors. Please do help me out.
Csaba on 11 Nov 2019
Adam: It does not help, because next time you open Matlab, it will open the Editor last closed with files were there when you closed it. All the files going to be lost of the firstly closed Matlab editor.
I strongly support this request, it would be VERY useful if you are working on several projects parallel!

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Answers (1)

Joseph Cheng
Joseph Cheng on 2 Jun 2016
I'm trying to work on something for the file exchange to make it simpler but having difficulty finding the time(not as simple as allowing multiple edit windows with docking). But the easiest thing is to create a master script file for each program that opens up the series of scripts/function. ie close all current open edits and then when you run the program specific edit script it'll open what you specify.

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