How do surfc, meshc etc. handle the location where the contour plot is positioned along the z-axis? How do I change the position of the contour plot in R2015a/b?

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zlim([4.6 5.6])
if I try it that way I risk that my contour plot is floating somewhere in the figure or outside the axis limits. But I don't find the property that decides where the contour plot gets positioned. I know that question has been asked before, but the solutions suggested earlier didn't work.

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 29 Apr 2016
Actually, I asked MathWorks about this, they replied, and I sent it off to Yair Altman to post on his ‘Undocumented MATLAB’ site. See Customizing contour plots part 2. His discussion is much better than anything I could have written.

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