calculate the time between 2 click

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Vid Foru
Vid Foru on 16 Apr 2016
Edited: Jan on 16 Apr 2016
hi how can i measure the time between 2 click in Matlab?(ex: 1er click(or key) start the timer, the second click(key) stop the timer) thanks

Answers (1)

Jan on 16 Apr 2016
Edited: Jan on 16 Apr 2016
function TestGUI
FigH = figure('WindowButtonDownFcn', @myClick, ... % Mouse click
'WindowKeyPressFcn', @myClick); % Key press
handles.running = false;
handles.time = 0;
guidata(FigH, handles);
function myClick(hObject, EventData)
handles = guidata(hObject);
if handles.running % Display the time between clicks:
disp(etime(clock, handles.time));
handles.running = false;
else % Start the timer:
handles.running = true;
handles.time = clock;
guidata(hObject, handles);


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