Loading .mat file content into base workspace by calling load function within a gui callback function

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I can't load the data I want into base workspace (although they appear perfectly in the command window) for furthe use. I use Load function within a gui callback function and I think this what makes loading process difficult. To be more specific, I need to load variables tmp and specs into base workspace, any ideas? Please see the attached screenshot for more details. Many thanks
Mus'ab Ahmad
Mus'ab Ahmad on 23 Mar 2016
Thanks very much Stephen, I could not find something organised like what you provided to explain this topic. Much appreciated.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 22 Mar 2016
Edited: Jan on 23 Mar 2016
I'm confused about the "import filename.*" .
It is ugly and you find many threads - hundreds - about suggestions to avoid the remote creation of variables. Such methods impede the debugging drastically. So don't do this!
But if you are willing to apply this:
assignin('base', 'Act_specs', tmp);
assignin('base', 'specs', tmp.Act_Specs);

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