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2D Affine Transform on 2D

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Chris E.
Chris E. on 9 Mar 2016
I'm attempting to use Affine Transform on an image and x,y coordnates. I made fake data that show the 4 corners of the image and the x,y points. The image points need to be aligned/scaled to fit the x,y points in meters.
%this is the corners of the image:
FC1 = [1 1;
1 1225;
3765 1;
3765 1225];
hold on
%This is the corners of the x,y points (in meters):
FC2 = [-2.2766 11.73447;
1.47 -11.79;
72.266 23.3821;
75.934 0];
hold off
My hope is that I can scale down the image into the points that represent meters. It is like taking 2 images and scaling them and aligning the corners together. I'm not sure how to use the Affine Transform though... Thank you for the help.

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