Can xlsread or some other function be used to import filtered data from excel table?

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I have an excel sheet that has a formatted table. Applying filters to a column greatly reduces the amount of rows in the table. I would like to be able to take this filtered data and have matlab import only the filtered portion to run through functions for processing. Is this something that is possible for matlab to automatically do, or would i need to physically copy and paste the filtered data in excel and save to another sheet that matlab reads from?
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My excel file consists of a formatted table, with each column header giving the option to filter the rows by the data in that column. For example, in a temperature column values range from 0 to 100 Celsius. By clicking the filter I can select to only see rows at 50 degrees celsius. When I apply filters like this and save the file I want to use my gui to read the excel file like normal, but I want it to only read the rows that remain after the filter. When I tried this in matlab, it still reads all the rows in the file and seems to ignore the filter option. Is there a way to do this?

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 29 Jan 2016
If it can be done (not sure) then it would require that you use MS Windows with Excel installed and create an ActiveX connection to do the reading. You can see the techniques used in the File Exchange contribution "xlsread1"

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