Don't understand how the equation to calculate wall area in Thermal Model of a House is derived.

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Good day,
Currently I am studying the Thermal Model of a House example in MATLAB, which is described below:
The equation used to calculate wall area available in sldemo_househeat_data is written below:
wallArea = 2*lenHouse*htHouse + 2*widHouse*htHouse + ...
2*(1/cos(pitRoof/2))*widHouse*lenHouse + ...
tan(pitRoof)*widHouse - windowArea;
However, there are 2 terms that I don't understand with the equation above, which are:
  1. 2*(1/cos(pitRoof/2))*widHouse*lenHouse
  2. tan(pitRoof)*widHouse - windowArea
Do you have any idea how can we get/derrive thes terms? I have tried to derrive on my own, but so far I could not get it.
Thank you very much.

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