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hi i need information about determinant

Asked by masoud mansouri on 2 Dec 2015
Latest activity Commented on by masoud mansouri on 3 Dec 2015
I want program for show determiner on the matrix not used det(a) on the formal. For e.g if i run matrix after the Gauss Elimination and show (x (1.2,3)) after that show me determiner on the Diagonal matrix. I write a few code but it's wrong however i want general code for all matrix not only 3*3 or 4*4. i want use for(n*n) matrix. thanks


masoud - why not post the code that you have written (to find the determinant of a matrix) so that we can comment on what may be causing a problem?
i sent program at the attach file see that and solve my problem i need find me a(1,1)a(2,2)a(3,3)and a(diag on the matrix)..i want find determined on the matrix with a(?,?) and plus each together ...please don't use det(a)...@Geoff Hayes please write complete code with my program code thanks
p.s i want find determined before the solve and find X ...when the change matrix to to upper triangle said me the matrix determined was ??? and continue to fin X one Xtwo

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