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separating day month year from string

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sermet on 7 Nov 2015
Edited: dpb on 8 Nov 2015
%I have a text file with one row and several hundreds columns. The text file includes string values like;
%I need to read the text file and separate the day, month and year as numeric values like;
day=[01;02;03]; month=[01;01;01]; year=[2013;2013;2013]

Accepted Answer

dpb on 7 Nov 2015
Edited: dpb on 8 Nov 2015
if were only that column. For more columns, use the proper format string for the line including whichever columns care to skip entirely and read into a cell array via textscan then convert per above format string using the particular cell column holding the dates. Have to convert the cellstr array to character array so use
where N is the column of the above cell array returned containing the date string.
Or, if you have recent release, there's a date formatting string '%d' that will parse dates/times directly.

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