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ploting graph.

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ruth okoh
ruth okoh on 10 Dec 2011
y1(x)= 5x^2 + 9x - 5 y2(x)= -2x^2 + 4x + 10 plot graph of y1 & y2.

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Mohsen  Davarynejad
Mohsen Davarynejad on 10 Dec 2011
y1 = 5*x.^2 + 9*x - 5;
y2 = -2*x.^2 + 4*x + 10;
plot(x,y1,'r'); hold on;
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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 10 Dec 2011
Hi Mohsen, it's very generous of you to answer this kinds of questions but please be aware that you might be doing the homework of others, they should at least show some effort solving their assignments not just copying and pasting the questions, they learn nothing, thanks

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