help me with this for loop please

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soloby on 23 Jun 2015
Commented: soloby on 25 Jun 2015
x = -10:0.1:10;
y = 0:0.005:1;
minNmax1 = 0:.005:1;
upper_1 = 0:.005:1;
y2 = 0:.005:1;
f1 = trapmf(x,[-2 0 0 2].');
minNmax1 = zeros(length(x), 2);
for k = 1 :length(y)
minNmax1(k,:) = [min(x),max(x)];
I'm trying to get [min(x),max(x)] for 201 values of y but this will only give me 1 answer [-10 10] which i assume is the first iteration?
soloby on 23 Jun 2015
Edited: soloby on 23 Jun 2015
my function f1 ranges from 0 to 1. if you plot(x,f1) it can be seen.
I need to split my f1 values (0 to 1) into 201 pieces and find the upper and lower x values for each iterations of y. Think of fuzzy logic, it is similar to how it is solved.
Easy concept, but I'm afraid a lot harder to execute.
so my f1 is 0 to 1
I want to divide it up into equal numbers (201 in my case)
at each iteration, I want to find the x values Please someone help!
soloby on 23 Jun 2015
Check my picture please, I need to find those starred points for all the red lines (201 of them)

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Answers (1)

Muhannad on 24 Jun 2015
will min(x) always be the same number as x is not changing? you can use repmat(min(x), 201,1)) if that is the case
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soloby on 25 Jun 2015
min(x) will be the same for each iterations of y but I need it for all 201 y's.

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