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working with iterations of y?

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soloby on 22 Jun 2015
Closed: MATLAB Answer Bot on 20 Aug 2021
if i have a code of something like
x = -10:0.1:10; f1 = trapmf(x,[-2 0 0 2]); f2 = trapmf(x,[3 6 6 9]);
and I want to work with these plots for each y-intercept from 0 to 1, how would I do it?
for example, I want to find the x-intercepts of f1 and f2 for every y of 0:0.005:1; (since x = 201x1);
I think if there's a way to save all the values with a for loop, I can make this work? something like
for i = 1:201
y(i) = [x(i),f1(i)]
any thoughts are appreciated.. thank you.

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