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How to use Simulink Scope Display Without using the Scope Block

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Good day,
I am currently using a Simulink program made by someone who is no longer in my university (already returned to his country). The way the original programmer created the program is more advanced than my current level (I am just a beginner). I am stuck with 1 part of the program for 3 days. I tried to refer to manual & google, but so far couldn't solve the problem.
Please refer to the photos in the attachment below. The 1st photo is the original Simulink program that was written by the original programmer. There is NO SCOPE in the diagram. However whenever I open the program, the Scope Display appears (2nd Photo). The scope display even gives result while/after running the program. Do you know how to make this setting? I need to know how to do it in order to modify the program.
Thank you very much.

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