can we create other function to call the constraint function or create gradient of constraint function without input directly from other source in fmincon?

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Dear sir,
I have worked with fmincon when i try to input the gradient of constraint function it's okay when it was small problem but if in the big problem case, can we create other function to call the gradient of constraint function by no need to input it manually ?
thank you sir,i am sorry if make you difficult to understand with my poor english.
Best Regards!

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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 27 May 2015
When you use matlabFunction() to create your gradient from symbolic form, tell matlabFunction to write the result to a file. See Write Generated MATLAB Function to File
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Chantrea Lean
Chantrea Lean on 27 May 2015
as we have this problem:
function [c,ceq,DC,DCeq] = confungrad(x)
c(1) = 1.5 + x(1) * x(2) - x(1) - x(2); % Inequality constraints
c(2) = -x(1) * x(2)-10;
% No nonlinear equality constraints
ceq=[]; % Gradient of the constraints: if nargout > 2
DC= [x(2)-1, -x(2);
x(1)-1, -x(1)];
DCeq = [];
for the analytic gradient of constraint function can we call that value from other function without input manually like this?

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