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add the particular column in the for loop

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singh on 4 May 2015
Commented: Nobel Mondal on 4 May 2015
hello friends, i wish to sum the column of the array which are present in the for loop
suppose iteration 1 is running and i get a single column from the array
next iteration 2 i get another column from array and add both column and store at the place
in iteration 3 i get another column from array and add this column with previous resulted column(adding in iteration 2) and now store the result at same place where iteration 2 result was stored

Answers (2)

Jan on 4 May 2015
What about:
data = rand(10, 10);
result = sum(data, 2);
This is the sum of the columns.

Nobel Mondal
Nobel Mondal on 4 May 2015
Are you looking for something like this?
dataMatrix = [1 2 3; 4 5 6; 7 8 9];
outPut = zeros(size(dataMatrix,2),1);
for i=1:size(dataMatrix,2)
outPut = outPut + dataMatrix(:,i);


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