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how to store the matrix in a single table after every iteration

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suppose i have a matrix which size is always same but value does not same it will be change after every iteration for i=1:2 matrix result after iteration 1
1.21 21.32
21.32 32.21
89.11 32.87
matrix result after iteration 2
21.32 43.21
43.54 78.32
77.23 99.1
end now i wish to add new matrix in the next column of table when new iteration will be run. all array values are in the table after iteration over.
1.21 21.32 21.32 43.21
21.32 32.21 43.54 78.32
89.11 32.87 77.23 99.1

Answers (2)

Thomas Koelen
Thomas Koelen on 29 Apr 2015
have a look at this inbuild function:

Guillaume on 29 Apr 2015
You can't have duplicate variable names (column headers) in a table, so your desired output is not possible.
If you use different column names, then joining two tables is trivial:
t1 = array2table([1.21 21.32; 21.32 32.21; 89.11 32.87], 'VariableNames', {'A1', 'B1'});
t2 = array2table([21.32 43.21; 43.54 78.32; 77.23 99.1], 'VariableNames', {'A2', 'B2'});
tmerged = [t1 t2]
You could generate the variable names for each loop with:
varnames = cellfun(@(prefix) sprintf('%s%d', prefix, i), {'A', 'B'}, 'UniformOutput', false);
I'm not sure it's a good idea, though. Why not concatenate the rows instead of the columns?


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