SimPowerSystems - How to connect three controlled voltage sources delta?

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I am modeling a 3 phase grid-connected inverter as an ideal voltage source (fundamental component of voltage only). I have connected three controlled voltage sources delta, but I get the following error:
"following voltage source blocks are in parallel, or are connected in a loop(s) of voltage sources"
As a work around, I have connected a small capacitor to ground from one of the delta terminals but I get the same error. R2013a has a "delta reference" component, but I have 2012a.
Is there another work around I can use to model the delta connected controlled voltage sources?
I am attaching a screenshot of my current connection with my attempted workaround.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 29 Apr 2015
I was able to connect small resistors between the voltage sources to avoid the error. Is this feasible?
In the screenshot below, I used voltage sources of 100 V amplitude, which come out to be 100/sqrt(3) = 57 V in the scope.
- Sebastian
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Loknadh Salagamsetty
Loknadh Salagamsetty on 15 Mar 2021
Hi sebastian,
The same model is not working If I try it in Phasor mode. Could you specify why ?

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