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writing cellarray data into text file with specific tab space and precision.

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cellArray =
'p.1' [38.141794059793398] [31.983184186130529] [1.751451095529832e+03]
[ 10] [38.094455446389709] [31.940682658186898] [1.779530219110660e+03]
'ab1' [38.162956465159276] [32.019563510560964] [1.542875077314675e+03]
[ 20] [38.176654734516106] [32.068817577008474] [1.389497182917781e+03]
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes
cellArray 4x4 1916 cell global
% I need to write cellArray into text file as 3 tab space after the first column and 2 tab space between the numeric numbers. I need to get 8 numbers after the dot for numeric data.
% Thanks in advance.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 25 Apr 2015
C = {'p.1', 38.141794059793398, 31.983184186130529, 1.751451095529832e+03; ...
10, 38.094455446389709, 31.940682658186898, 1.779530219110660e+03; ...
'ab1', 38.162956465159276, 32.019563510560964, 1.542875077314675e+03; ...
20, 38.176654734516106, 32.068817577008474, 1.389497182917781e+03}
% It took me time to edit the data in a clean syntax. Please do this by your own.
fid = fopen(FileName, 'w');
if fid == -1, error('Cannot open file for writing: %s', FileName);
Ct = C.';
fprintf(fid, '%s %.8f %.8f %.8f\n%f %.8f %.8f %.8f\n', Ct{:});
Or with \t instead of teh spaces depending on what "tab spaces" means.
sermet on 25 Apr 2015
I'm sorry Simon. I don't know well about fprintf. But the result is still same when I replace '%.8f' by '%d': like; fprintf(fid, '%s %.8f %.8f %.8f\n%f %d %.8f %.8f\n', Ct{:});
Stephen23 on 25 Apr 2015
Edited: Stephen23 on 25 Apr 2015
@sermet: considering this and all of your other questions related to fprintf precision:
now would be a good time to read the documentation:
The lovely people at TMW spent a lots of time writing it, and it contains lots of useful information!

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