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how to remove the some ploted node and assisgn the new location in the 2d graph

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suppose i create a network. and some percent of nodes will be move at near place on 2d graph.
now i wish to 25 percent of node N will be remove after for loop one time run and these node will updates its location with the X2 value and Y2 value and this whole process run 1 to 4 times.. thanks in advance

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Ingrid on 24 Apr 2015
you need to use a handle when plotting the node
plotHandle(i) = plot(X(i),Y(i));
Then later you can use
plotHandle(i) = plot(Xnew(i),YplotNew(i));
which will "move" the point
singh on 24 Apr 2015
how to change the value of 25% of node(1-5) acording to value X2,Y2 and remaining nodes have same cordinate values which are store in the X1.
Ingrid on 24 Apr 2015
it is not clear to me why you cannot plot the data and store the handle to this plot. It is exactly the same command that will be performed as in the code you have now. Did you try this solution to see how it functions?

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