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Flipping Sign provide wrong information and Answers

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Hi, I type my equation and the equation reversing and change the meaning of the equation.
can you assists me how to solve this? how to turn off the alphabetical orders settings?

Accepted Answer

Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 4 Jun 2024
How exactly does this reordering "change the meaning of the equation"? The derivative of with respect to x is . In this case, x is c and k is . So the derivative of is or . Multiply that by the constant and the derivative is or exactly as MATLAB showed.
Sure, the way MATLAB displays u is not identical to the way you entered it, but it represents the same value.
Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 4 Jun 2024
Ah, you're thinking it's not a reordering question but a question about operator precedence. Yes, unary minus is lower in priority (at level 4) than the power operations (levels 2 and 3.) I agree, adding parentheses (level 1) can help clarify intent.

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