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Hi everyone I need help, how can I make dataset from these rawdata? I did not understand. I tried once, but failed.

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Here I attached the text file which is raw data obtained that being generated by Matlab. I am stuck at making these data trained. I dont know how, already try once but met the dead end, whenever I wanted to normalize it and blunt where to start it. I hope anyone can provide me the solution.

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Himanshu on 27 May 2024
Edited: Himanshu on 27 May 2024
To train a model using the data you provided in MATLAB, you can follow these general steps:
  • Load the Data: Load the data from the text file into MATLAB. You can use functions like load, csvread, or readtable depending on the format of your data.
  • Normalize the Data: Since you mentioned normalization as a step you're interested in, you can use the 'normalize' function in MATLAB to do the same. The can access the documentaion link for this function through this link:
  • Choose a Model: Depending on the nature of your problem (classification, regression, etc.), choose an appropriate machine learning model to train on your data. This could be a neural network, support vector machine, decision tree, etc.
  • Train the Model: MATLAB provides built-in functions for training various types of models, such as fitcknn for k-nearest neighbors, fitcsvm for support vector machines etc. Here are the detailed documenation links for the same:


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