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Can you import ARXML and generate models for the AUTOSAR Adaptive or Classic platform schema version "00048" in MATLAB R2020b?

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When trying to use the AUTOSAR ARXML importer tool in MATLAB R2020b to import my ARXML and then generate the Simulink software component models for AUTOSAR Adaptive platform schema version "00048" (R19-11), I get the following error message:

Error: arxml.importer/createComponentAsModel
There is no enumerated value named '00048'.
I also get the same error when importing with the AUTOSAR Classic R19-11 schema.

Why am I encountering this error message?

Accepted Answer

MathWorks Support Team
MathWorks Support Team on 6 May 2024
You are likely encountering this error message when importing because the "00048" AUTOSAR schema (R19-11) that you are trying to import is not a supported schema in MATLAB R2020b.
Support for R19-11 was only added in MATLAB R2021a for the Adaptive platform and then in MATLAB R2022a for the Classic platform. I have attached the relevant sections of our release notes that state this below:
The error message above from MATLAB R2020b has been updated in MATLAB R2021b to make the root cause of the issue clearer.
Therefore please ensure that you are using a supported schema for your version of MATLAB. You can identify the supported AUTOSAR Classic schema versions for MATLAB R2020b in the list on the documentation page linked below:
You can also identify the supported AUTOSAR Adaptive schemas for MATLAB R2020b from the following documentation page:

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