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Disable figure generated code in Matlab R2023b

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I just updated from R2022a to R2023b and now whenever I zoom in a plot figure, a new subwindow opens with the title "Generated Code". I've been looking in the changelog and I think "Figure Code in MATLAB Online: Generate code from Property Inspector" is what is causing the trouble. I can see that I can disable it manually by clicking Figure->Show code (it is enabled by default). How can I have this property disabled by default for all the plots?

Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 15 Feb 2024
The subwindow you are describing only appears in the R2023b beta release found on the File Exchange. If you turn off the new desktop and revert back to the standard R2023b release, you won't see the subwindow appear.
Jeremy Berke
Jeremy Berke on 5 Apr 2024
This happens in the 2024a release and is VERY ANNOYING! I just want to create a figure but the figure gets squished and this empty code generation is there WHICH I DO NOT WANT!
Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 5 Apr 2024
If anyone is seeing this behavior in the 24a general release, please contact tech support and include instructions how to reproduce the problem. Feel free to include the URL of this thread.

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