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How to make the initial conditions for an asynchronous motor to be steady state?

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Is it possible to set up the inital condition for the block "asynchronous machine SI Units" such that it starts in steady state? Currently connected a three phase voltage source to the motor terminals of the induction motor block and see that there are some transients for 50 ms before reaching steady state. I guess it simulated magnetisation of the core in the squirrel-cage induction motor. I've tried to use different vaules of inital current.
I plan to work on short circuit model of a DC-grid with inverter-fed asynchronous motors. It would be helpful for simplifying the problem if I could set the inital contions for the asynchronous motor to run at steady state.
The motor was set with a constant speed imput of 1450 rpm.
Motor input current:

Answers (1)

Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 20 Feb 2024
depending on your version, you can use the machine initialization tool, or the load flow tool (for newer versions) to get steady state initial conditions for machines. It will depend on your model and circuit diagram though.
This might be hard to pull off if you have a DC portion of your model. It might easier to do on a seperate simplified model and then carry over the initial conditions.




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