Getting weird errors in Simulink with Model Linearizer

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Hi everyone,
im trying to linearize a aircraft model with using Model Linearizer app,
i have a function that have all aircraft dynamics, and im using in simulink with interpreted matlab function block
Firstly i did the linearizing like 1 week ago, yesterday i just want to do again and i had get a bunch of errors,
Firstly Linearizing app does not linearize the system, all variables were the same as I did before. I didn't change anything
In Trim progress viewer
im getting this error;
(Maximum Error) Block
(1.36232e+00) 'SimulinkFileName'/Subsystem/Integrator
and end of the trim im getting ;
"Maximum number of function evaulations or iterations was exceed. Restart using this resulting solution or use the optimization options to increse the number of iterations or function evaluations."
i try every tolerance and number of iterartions but its still same
And i have another error, I think this error is important to solve the problem.
So i close the Model Linearizer after the unsuccessful trimming. After the closing i try to open Model Linearizer in Apps tab, im getting this error,
"unrecognized function or variable "'wb" model linearizer", which is weird because i dont have any "wb" variable or function in my code.
I'm solving this error with restarting the matlab but i dont know what is the main problem there
So that's all i think, If any file is need, just say it and i will upload it very quickly.
Best Regards

Answers (1)

akshatsood on 5 Jan 2024
Edited: akshatsood on 5 Jan 2024
I understand that you seek guidance in resolving the "bunch of errors" you are encountering while trying to linearize a Aircraft Model while leveraging the Model Linearizer app. For troubleshooting the exact problem here, please go through the following references
The above page emphasizes the importance of utilizing the Linearization Advisor before proceeding with the model's linearization. It recommends a thorough examination of the report it generates to spot any faults within the model. This step could prove instrumental in addressing any issues associated with the "Integrator" block. Moreover, the page signifies highlighting the Linearization Path, to provide clarity on the specific blocks that play a role in the linearization process, ensuring a transparent and traceable linearization workflow.
In case the issue still persists, please help me with your model for a more detailed investigation.
I hope this helps.


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