Matlab 2D heat conduction Problem including Convective, Heat Flux, and Adiabatic boundary conditions together!

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Hello everyone.
I am trying to solve 2D steady heat conduction problem as shown.
The thing is I am actually stucked in the loop stage because I dont know where to start.
I arranged dx and dy values same as 10^-4 meters so that the formulation becomes easier to write. I can simply finite difference equations since delta"x" = delta"y"
The domain is 51x301 matrix. Basically an rectangular geometry.
I need suggestion where to start writing loops and also
I also added a review page where I derived some of the nodes equations which may give you and idea.
Thanks a lot!
%% constants
a = 0.0025;
b =0.005;
l = 0.015;
k = 1.1;
h1= 15;
T_inf = 20;
flux = 2000;
%% creating the domain
L = 2*l;
h = 0.005;
Nx = 301;
Ny = 51;
dx = L/(Nx-1);
dy = h/(Ny-1);
%% boundary conditions

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