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I receive License Manager Error 4402 when running matlab in a docker container in Linux

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I fail to log in with my account and receive License Manager Error 4402.
I am building and running the docker in linux RedHat. I also run the same docker in other PC with Windows and it always start and run the script inside that docker without any problem.
I have remove all the images and stopped containers in case the license has not been returned. But the same problem appears.
anybody know how to solve this error?
Prabhakar on 4 Dec 2023
@Álvaro Martin, just to let you know we are still investigating the issue, and attempting to develop workarounds for it, if not a real fix.
Prabhakar on 13 Dec 2023
Dear @Álvaro Martin, a fix for this issue should be shipped in a future update to R2023b. Unfortunately, there are no other workarounds that I can share at this point in time.

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Answers (1)

Prabhakar on 5 Feb 2024
R2023b Update 6 has been updated to fix this issue.
Kindly update this thread if using R2023b Update 6 does not resolve the issue for you.
Thank you for your patience!


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