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Is there a Matlab representation for discriminant Grassmann kernels?

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Is there a Matlab representation for discriminant Grassmann kernels?

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Karanjot on 8 Nov 2023
I understand that you want to know about representation of discriminant Grassmann kernels in MATLAB.
The discriminant Grassmann kernels are a type of kernel function used in machine learning algorithms for classification tasks involving Grassmann manifolds.
Currently, MATLAB doesn’t have an in-built implementation for Grassmann kernels. However, to use discriminant Grassmann kernels in MATLAB, you can utilize a third-party toolbox ‘Manopt’, which is a toolbox for optimization on manifolds. ‘Manopt’ provides a set of functions and tools for working with Grassmann manifolds and computing various operations on them, including the computation of discriminant Grassmann kernels.
Here are the general steps to use discriminant Grassmann kernels in MATLAB:
  1. Install the ‘Manopt’ toolbox by following the installation instructions provided on their website:
  2. Define your dataset, which consists of samples represented as points on the Grassmann manifold. Each sample should be represented as a matrix, where the columns of the matrix are the data points.
  3. Compute the discriminant Grassmann kernel matrix using ‘grassmann’ functions provided by the ‘Manopt’ toolbox. These functions typically take the dataset as input and returns the kernel matrix.
  4. Use the computed kernel matrix as input to your desired classification algorithm to perform classification on the Grassmann manifold.
To learn more about other tools to represent Grassmann kernels, you may refer to the webpages below:
I hope this helps!

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