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search a particular data in a array and return the index of the array that is found

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my problem is same
if have array which only two columns
10.2 12.3
21.443 81.31
32.23 43.32 so on
than how to get index value after find the data
suppose i have X value 21.443 and Y value 81.31
how to get the index value 2

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Guillaume on 13 Apr 2015
This looks like a duplicate of your other question, this time possibly better explained. The answer is similar, use comparison and logical operations, together with find:
nodes = [10.2 12.3
21.443 81.31
32.23 43.31];
x = 21.443;
y = 43.32;
noderow = find(nodes(:, 2) == x & nodes(:, 3) == y)

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