How can I save Neural Network Statsitics?

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Hello guys. I am trying to write few lines of a MATLAB script to save my Neural Network (ANN) stasitics. I usually create and train the network like this:
ANN=newff(Input,Output,[100 100 100]);
Where the view(ANN) shows me some nice staisitics in a new window. Now, how can I save this view of the window as an image (or any other format)? I know there are manual options to save this window but I want to do it using a script (code) because I am iteratively doing this training, so it will be inefficient to save it manually for each training.

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Ayush on 29 Aug 2023
Edited: Ayush on 29 Aug 2023
To programmatically save the statistics of a neural network in MATLAB, you can use the 'save' function to save the relevant variables to a file:
% Train your neural network
net = trainNetwork(inputData, targetData, layers);
After training the network using 'trainNetwork', you can access the statistics you are interested in, such as the forward propagation times, by accessing the appropriate properties of the network.
% Obtain the statistics
stats = net.Layers(end).ForwardPropTimes;
% Save the statistics to a file
save('network_stats.mat', 'stats');
You may read further on ‘save’ function:
Ayush Jaiswal

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