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Edit field text as filter search in UITable app designer

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I have created with app designer an UITable which contains different data. One of these it's simply a name (model of tractor).
I need to use an edit field text as filter to search the name I want in UITable. What I don't know how to do is building a filter in which I can write a generic name, not exactly the one which is stored in UITable.
Lets say one of name I want to search is "Matlab Anwser Forum". I'd like to obtain a result even if I write "matlab", or "answer" or also just part of the words.
Thanks guys
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dpb on 27 Jul 2023
Look at
s="Matlab Answer Forum";
ans = logical
ans = logical
However, the misspelling near-matching as per your original string (I don't know if that was deliberate or not; presumed it probably was) is a lot more of a task; there aren't any builtin tools; you may want to see if can find something on the FEX.

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