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Reorder rows of UITable in app designer

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Guys I need help, if possibile, about what I'm asking in title.
I have an UITable in app designer which contains 5 rows (and it just has 2 columns). What I need to do is change the order of rows if necessary. For example, I'd need to exchange row 1 with row 4, so that each one take the place of the other row. All this when my app is running. I mean, I launch the app created with app designer and which displays the table I mentioned and while it's running I change the rows as said before (if necessary).
I have looked for infos surfing on web, but I haven't found any infos about this.

Accepted Answer

Pratyush on 3 Jul 2023
Edited: Pratyush on 4 Jul 2023
Hi Massimo. It is my understanding that you have created a UITable in MATLAB App Designer and you would like to swap a specified pair of rows dynamically while the app is running. Here is how you can achieve it.
% store row-1 and row-4 data in variables
row_1 = app.UITable.Data(1,:);
row_4 = app.UITable.Data(4,:);
% swap the rows 1 and 4
app.UITable.Data(1,:) = row_4;
app.UITable.Data(4,:) = row_1;
Here are a few helpful resources related to UITable in MATLAB App Designer.
Victor Sainz
Victor Sainz on 29 Jan 2024
Hello @Massimo, I would also like to rearrange rows dynamically. Were you able to find a method?
Danilo Botero Lopez
Danilo Botero Lopez on 20 Feb 2024
I am having same issue here. Is there any we can do?
Best, Danilo

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