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write a blob inside a cell of sqlite database

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Massimo on 21 Jun 2023
Commented: Kautuk Raj on 27 Jun 2023
Guyse, I need help to write a blob inside one cell of a sqlite database.
Using DB browser for SQLite (it's a free program which everyone can download) it's simple, because i can simply select the cell of my database where i want to write blob, I click on import from file and that's all (the file I load it's a .mat).
Now, in matlab I can also see that blob file. I simply do a fetch to the database and then writing for example:
file = testDatabase{1} (if it is on first row the blob) I can see the blob file. (which is something like 230299x1 uint8
Now, what I need to do (and that's why I'm asking for your help) it's doing all this process with matlab, instead of using that external program DB browser to write the blob inside the database. I suppose if I can read that cell of my sqlite database in matlab to show the content, quite surely there must also be a way to write a blob file inside another cell for example. I don't know what to do.
Rik on 21 Jun 2023
You can edit my sqlite3 submission in the File Exchange to support BLOBs. If you don't want to go through all that trouble (I would understand), you will need to find out whether the native Matlab tools support the BLOB data type. The documentation would be the best place to start. For which functions did you read the documentation?

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