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Code folding other cells shortcut

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Matthew Arthington
Matthew Arthington on 9 Apr 2015
Commented: Bobby Huxford on 24 May 2017
I accidentally pressed a keyboard shortcut (close to ctrl+v) that collapsed all the cells in the function I was editing except the current one. I think this might be quite a handy shortcut, but I CANNOT find out which shortcut I pressed now, no matter what I google for. The preferences in my standard Matlab shortcut list do not show a shortcut to fold all cells but the current one, and I cannot see a menu option to do the same thing.
Do you know what I used? If you know what I pressed then please tell me in an answer.
I'm using Windows 7, with Matlab 2014b
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Bobby Huxford
Bobby Huxford on 24 May 2017
Ctrl + = to fold all ctrl + shift + = to unfold all

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