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How to unify more parquet files

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Massimo on 18 May 2023
Commented: Rik on 19 May 2023
Hello guys, i need help with managing parquet files.
I have to create some parquet files starting from other types of file, but what I'd like to have at the end is just one parquet file which contains all informations saved in previous single ones.
I'm quite new to matlab, so I don't even know if it's something possibile or not. If not, I'd be greatful if you could suggest a way to pursue my purpose. Basically I need to create some database files and initially I was thinking to use sqlite, but I've been suggested to use parquet because it should be better for these situations. I know there is a function about parquet which is called parquetDatastore, but honestly I haven't understood at all how to use and if something which could be useful for me or not.
Thank you all in advanced.
Massimo on 19 May 2023
Thank you for your answer. I'll try to be more specific.
I should create an app using app designer. On its interface I have to place some items, for example a button used to load generic files (quite surely .blf files, the ones coming from CANalyzer), somes tables where simply write some informations (names of vehicles and relative infos) and a couple of drop down menus from where to select other infos which also are basically a text infos.
All these things should be merged in one single parquet file, or at least is what I aim to do.
I have very few experience with parquet too, and moreover informations about it on web are hard to find.
Rik on 19 May 2023
For general advice and examples for how to create a GUI, have look at this thread.
The point that you want to put it all together in AppDesigner is not really relevant here. A GUI is just an interface between your user and your functions. Those functions should also work on their own.
What you're describing is a project, not a question. Start by making a thorough description of each part. If you do that well enough, that already serves as the documentation for your functions. Then start implementing part by part (so, first write a function that will read all text information files, then write a function that will read a blf file and extract what you need, etc, etc).

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