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Helloo! I am making code that will track the mouth movement of locusts from videos. The locusts have their faces painted green so I trying to identify all RGB green pixels on the first frame to create a region of interest for the rest of the video where I will try to detect changes in pixels which will hopefully correlate to movement. The videos also have camera shake (from the camera trying to focus) so I tried to account for that by calculating the noise. The current error is that "Arrays have incompatible sizes for this operation." for line 27 but I feel like there might be some other issues as well since I am very new to this side of MATLAB. Please help me out appreciate it!!

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Jinal on 13 Mar 2023
Hi Ryan,
I understand that in line 27 you are trying to subtract ‘color_to_track’ from the frame that has been read from the video.
An error is being thrown in line 27 because the sizes of ‘frame’ and ‘color_to_track’ are different. The size of ‘frame’ is 240 x 320 x 3, which is the default size of frame for RGB video, while the size of ‘color_to_track’ is 240 x 320 x 1. The error should be resolved by making the following modification in line 25.
color_to_track = repmat(color_to_track, [size(frame,1) size(frame,2) 3]);
You can find more information about dimensions of video for various video formats on the link given below:
Hope this helps.


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