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How to store the result of areas on every images on loop in one folder to workspace?

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i keep getting an error and it only loaded some of the image not all of them, i have like 600+ files but it only loaded for 19 images idk why
clc; clear; close all;
folder_nrml = ('/Users/*/Documents/MATLAB/regionbased_seg/cv/NORMAL');
file_nrml = dir(fullfile(folder_nrml, '*jpeg'));
jumlah_file_nrml = numel(file_nrml);
training_data_nrml = zeros(jumlah_file_nrml);
calc = [];
for l = 1:jumlah_file_nrml
I = imread(fullfile(folder_nrml, file_nrml(l).name));
figure, imshow(I)
bw1= im2bw(I);
bw2 = imfill(bw1,'holes');
s = regionprops(bw2, 'centroid', 'area');
centroids = cat(1, s.Centroid);
area = cat(1, s.Area);
sum_area = sum(area);
hold on
plot(centroids(:, 1), centroids(:,2), 'r*')
[B,L] = bwboundaries(bw2, 'noholes');
[~,l]= bwlabel(bw2,4);
for k = 1:l
boundary = B{k};
plot(boundary(:,2), boundary(:,1), 'y', 'LineWidth', 2)
text(boundary(1,2), boundary(1,1), strcat(['Area = ',num2str(area(k))]), 'Color', 'r', 'FontSize',15, 'FontWeight','bold');
calc = [calc;sum_area];
cell_areas(l,:) = {file_nrml(l).name, sum_area};
hold off
here are the result and error

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