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plot specific values of 3 values function

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Dear Matlab exoerts and users.
I wish you first a happy succesfull new year.
I have the following code that calculate M1 using beta (var), and fr, fh.
what I would like to do is to represent all the values of M1 in function of the three variables.
Then my second goal is to plot the combination of beta, fh, fr that gives M1 < 1.
I would highly apreciate your feedback.
clear all
for i=1:5000
for j=1:2001
for l=1:3591
M1(k)= (Beta1(l)/(2*pi))*(fh(j)/(fr(i)))
Michael Loibl
Michael Loibl on 2 Jan 2023
Is your question how to plot it or what is your concern?
Mohammed Lamine Mekhalfia
@Michael Loibl yes I would like to have a graphical presentation of M1 values

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Answers (1)

Michael Loibl
Michael Loibl on 2 Jan 2023
Edited: Michael Loibl on 2 Jan 2023
I don't directly know a good solution for plotting a function with four variables (in your case M1, beta, fh and fr).
Plotting combinations with M1<1, you could just use "plot3"-function (using beta, fh and fr) without specifying the actual value of M1.
Another alternative would be to make seperate plots for fixed beta, fixed fh or fixed fr. However, I don't know how useful this is for you because you have quite a large data range for all variables.
I think your problem is not really Matlab specific, but you are actually looking for a good representation of your results. So, maybe try to think about what your problem is representing and try to reduce dimensionality and/or data range in you representation.


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