My property Inspector is all white, i cant adjust the size of my Axes letters!

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Im in a figure and want to make the numbers on the axes bigger, but i cant open my porperty inspector, its just a white blanc box...
Im on the newest version of matlab btw.
Plz help, since it is very frustrating.

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Samyuktha on 15 Dec 2022
Hi Peter,
When you open the property inspector in a MATLAB figure window, MATLAB R2019b or earlier may display a blank property inspector window.
To resolve the issue, install R2019b Update 4 (or later), or upgrade to R2020a. In case the Property Inspector appears truncated, see the following MATLAB Answers Post:
This issue occurs as MATLAB is compatible with macOS Catalina (10.15) only from release R2019b onwards.


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