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Error in Simulink with PV Array. Error in simulation Simscape

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Dear MATLABmates:
I'm fairly new in MATLAB and I designed a Buck converter to work with a PV Array. The conections and all the design is OK but when I run it, I obtain the following error:
I don't know why it appears, it seems that all is okey but I obtain that error. The powergui is in continuous but when I change to discrete it appears too.
It's remarkable that when I put a capacitor in parallel with the PV module, it runs the simulation but I want to run it without it.
Please I need your help guys, it's for my final Bachelor thesis. Thank you in advance!
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Mohammed Shariq Ayjaz
Mohammed Shariq Ayjaz on 20 Nov 2022
Edited: Mohammed Shariq Ayjaz on 20 Nov 2022
[Do this on your own risk - it's just a last minute option] Open the block of PV , inside it , place capacitor parallel (i.e wherever you are not getting that error). Also, for safety make it tiny in size & hide it under some block so that if you will be safe even if your supervisor/judge asks to open the pv block.

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Joel Van Sickel
Joel Van Sickel on 21 Nov 2022
If it works in continuous but fails in discrete, it is likely your time step is too large. You should be able to get it to work with a smaller time step. If that doesn't work, I'd ask that you share your model so that a deeper look can be taken.


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