Glitchy Command Window behavior in R2022a and R2022b

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I've got a MacOS 12.6.1, and I've noticed since I upgraded to R2022a that the cursor in the Command Window no longer behaves predictably. I have just upgraded again to R2022b, and the trouble persists.
The issue occurs when I type something like plot(x,y) into the Command Window, then click around on the resulting figure. When I click in the Command Window to make it active again, the cursor begins to blink, but typing doesn't work. I often have to click a second time in the Command Window to begin typing new commands, but even though the text now appears in the Command Window as I type it, the Enter button often doesn't "take", and if I type the up or down arrows the cursor in the Editor Window begins to move!
Is there a fix for this new, glitchy command window behavior?
Shuba Nandini
Shuba Nandini on 29 May 2023
This is a known issue, and we will be working on this.

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