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Why does stereo calibration app provide result in zyx coordinates instead of xyz

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I have two identical camera setup and performed calibration on them. The resulting camera centric graph is as shown.
As can be seen, the Z axis has value of around 480mm, and x axis has value of around -570mm. But when the same is exported, stores the values in zyx format as shown below
The first value which should ideally correspond to x value of 550, but it shows the z value first followed y & x. Does translation get saved as zyx instead of xyz.
Also, x axis value has negative in figure1 which is missing in translation.Can someone explain how the two values are supposed to be interpreted?

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Vinayak on 16 Nov 2022
The issue is that we have a specific convention for representing the intrinsic matrix and image transforms that differ from the standard "text book" convention.
Firstly, I would like for you to go through the following doc page that describes the camera matrix:
We have functions, cameraMatrix and extrinsics, that can be used to get the properly formatted matrices. You may also open these files and see how exactly the data is configured




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