"Detect Increase" causes multiple identical HDL files to be generated with HDL coder

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I am encountering an issue with HDL code generation, simulink blocks from the HDL coder library are generating files for every instance in my model, this results in a lot of unnecessary clutter. I'm not able to make these blocks atomic because they are default library blocks.

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Kiran Kintali
Kiran Kintali on 2 Nov 2022
Please consider this option to increase reuse of shared modules.
makehdl(dut, 'SubsystemReuse', 'Atomic and Virtual')
The attached module has multiple Detect blocks. They all generate single shared module/entity.
### Working on test_detect_inc/Subsystem1/Subsystem/Detect Increase as hdlsrc\test_detect_inc\Detect_Increase.vhd.
### Working on test_detect_inc/Subsystem1/Subsystem as hdlsrc\test_detect_inc\Subsystem.vhd.
### Working on test_detect_inc/Subsystem1 as hdlsrc\test_detect_inc\Subsystem1.vhd.
### Code Generation for 'test_detect_inc' completed.


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