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MISSING nvToolsExt64_1.lib

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Emiliano Rosso
Emiliano Rosso on 31 Oct 2022
Commented: Emiliano Rosso on 2 Nov 2022
gpucoder can't see nvToolsExt64_1.lib even if it exist ad it's declared correctly in the environement variable NVTOOLSEXT_PATH.
I tried to disable the firewall obtaining the same problem.
What to do ?
I get error:
Error using gpucoder.profile (line 41)
Unable to find NVTX library 'nvToolsExt64_1.lib'. Ensure that the NVTX SDK installation contains the
specified library file.
when I type :
cfg = coder.gpuConfig('exe');
cfg.GpuConfig.MallocMode = 'discrete';
'CodegenArguments','-d profilingdir','Threshold',0.001);
Compatible GPU : PASSED (Warning: Support for GPU devices with Compute Capability 5.2 will be removed in a future MATLAB release. For more information on GPU support, see GPU Support by Release.)
CUDA Environment : PASSED
Runtime : PASSED
cuDNN Environment : PASSED (Warning: Deep learning code generation has been tested with cuDNN v7.6. The provided cuDNN library v8.6 may not be fully compatible.)
Basic Code Generation : PASSED
Basic Code Execution : PASSED
ans =
struct with fields:
gpu: 1
cuda: 1
cudnn: 1
tensorrt: 0
basiccodegen: 1
basiccodeexec: 1
deepcodegen: 0
deepcodeexec: 0
tensorrtdatatype: 0
profiling: 0
C:\Windows\system32>nvcc --version
nvcc: NVIDIA (R) Cuda compiler driver
Copyright (c) 2005-2019 NVIDIA Corporation
Built on Wed_Oct_23_19:32:27_Pacific_Daylight_Time_2019
Cuda compilation tools, release 10.2, V10.2.89
Justin Hontz
Justin Hontz on 2 Nov 2022
coder.checkGpuInstall by default does not do any profiling checks. To perform these checks, you need to set the Profiling property of the coder.gpuEnvConfig object to true before passing the config to coder.checkGpuInstall.
Since your original question was resolved, can you please create a new question or create a technical support ticket for your follow-up question?

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Accepted Answer

Justin Hontz
Justin Hontz on 2 Nov 2022
The issue was that the NVTOOLSEXT_PATH environment variable was set to the wrong value.

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