How to wrap image along a polygon

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I have a an image (200, 1800) that should fit along a segmented line (2,16, several segments) including deforming the image. Is there any MatLab algorithm that can wrap or fit an image to a polygon ( a set of x,y coordinates). Any hint towards a solution is greatly appreciated.
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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 1 Oct 2022

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KSSV on 29 Sep 2022
REad about warp
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Christian Pritz
Christian Pritz on 1 Oct 2022
Moved: DGM on 1 Oct 2022
Thanks! Read about wrap. Wrap might have worked. However, I chose to convert the image using sparse() into x,y points then partitioned the points along the x dimension into segments accroding to the segments in the polygon. Next, I rotated the points according to the angles in the polygon. That sufficed for my purposes.

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