How can such a parking space type be defined and simulated in the MATLAB Automated Driving Toolbox?

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As far as I know, MATLAB has introduced functions such as parking space and parking lot since version R2021b, which has improved the richness of the environment in the "cuboid scenario simulation" scenario. However, there are some limitations, for example, the parkingSpace function only provides three types "Parking" (default), "NoParking" and "Accessible".
However, in real life scenarios there are images of parking spaces as shown below, which can be divided into "T", "L", "U", "I" and other types of parking spaces according to their shape "How do I define and simulate parking spaces of the type shown below?
"I" shape
"I" shape
"L" shape
"T" shape
"U" shape
cui on 24 Sep 2022
Thank you for your interest, the simulation aims to be a more realistic representation of the real world as I need to train a deep learning network to identify these parking space areas accurately and reliably.The image you provided is very informative.@Sam Chak

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