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App designer file path as tabs

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Jan on 12 Sep 2022
Commented: Mario Malic on 12 Sep 2022
Hi, i would like to design an app where the path and subfolders become the tabs in the app.
The plan is that if a have a folder on my desktop called files and in that folder is a folder called subfolder.
I want to choose desktop as the destination where files are and in the app there should be tabs with desktop, files and subfolder as tabs to click on and see the files from the folder.
My idea was to use the command dir('**/*.*') to get all of the files and ask with isdir if there are any subfolders. And this works so fafr.
But how can i design the path tabs dynamic? That there is a single tab for each subfolder
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Mario Malic
Mario Malic on 12 Sep 2022
Definitely possible, but this would make the app complicated and not clear. I guess you would have to write a SelectionChangedFcn callback that creates a TabGroup inside the selected uitab object.
I would suggest you rather to do this with uitree group, you can expand/collapse, and have the overlook on the whole directory instead of checking the contents of one folder.

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