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How to effectively utilize listener and callback functions with iqfeed function realtime.

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I am currently trying to acquire realtime market data for a security. The end result that I am trying to achieve is to get interval based data (high, low, open, close, period volume) sampled at a rate that I specify. Thus far, I have written a simple elistner function and a trivial callback function. My functions are as follows: ------------------------
function [] = listen(A,B)
function [] = event()
The line that im executing at the command window is the following:
realtime(Q, '@QM#',{'Most Recent Trade', 'Most Recent Trade Size'},@listen,@event)
Where Q is my iqfeed connection with Q.Protocol set to 5.1. This is what I get at the command window:
A =
Socket with properties:
SupportsIPv4: 1
OSSupportsIPv4: 1
SupportsIPv6: 0
OSSupportsIPv6: 1
Available: 376
LocalEndPoint: [1x1 System.Net.IPEndPoint]
RemoteEndPoint: [1x1 System.Net.IPEndPoint]
Handle: [1x1 System.IntPtr]
Blocking: 1
UseOnlyOverlappedIO: 0
Connected: 1
AddressFamily: [1x1 System.Net.Sockets.AddressFamily]
SocketType: [1x1 System.Net.Sockets.SocketType]
ProtocolType: [1x1 System.Net.Sockets.ProtocolType]
IsBound: 1
ExclusiveAddressUse: 0
ReceiveBufferSize: 8192
SendBufferSize: 8192
ReceiveTimeout: 0
SendTimeout: 0
LingerState: [1x1 System.Net.Sockets.LingerOption]
NoDelay: 0
Ttl: 128
DontFragment: 1
The thing im confused about is why there are no fields in the socket object that are relevant to the data. I was looking at the v3stockticker example and I saw that the example relied on the fact that the socket object had fields relating to volume and price, but i see no such fields here. Also, why is the second input parameter of the listener function set to @event. In addition, this only seems to execute once, whereas the realtime function keeps producing data if no elistner or callback are specified. Any insight would be appreciated. A code example would work to if possible.
Thanks very much.....

Answers (1)

Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 12 Jan 2020
Consider using my IQML (IQFeed-Matlab) connector as an alternative. IQML enables both synchronous (blocking) and asynchronous (background) queries, that are fetched either serially or in parallel (using the Matlab Parallel Computing Toolbox). A simple usage example that fetches the interval data that you mentioned is:
>> data = IQML('intervalbars', 'Symbol','@ES#')
data =
Symbol: '@ES#'
BarType: 'Complete interval bar from history'
Timestamp: '2018-09-05 12:57:00'
Open: 2887.75
High: 2888.25
Low: 2887.5
Close: 2888.25
CummlativeVolume: 1117565
IntervalVolume: 913
NumberOfTrades: 0
IQML was developed with top performance, reliability and usability in mind. IQML supports 100% of IQFeed's API functionality. It is fully documented, continuously maintained/improved, and I am happy to provide support.
Note: I am an independent software developer and not a MathWorks employee. Don't get angry at me for bringing an independent alternative to the table...


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